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Done list:
-Goodwill dropoff
-packages mailed at PO
-something else on the way back from daycare which I've forgotten
-sorted/folded clean clothes
-vacuum dining room, kitchen
-P&S review
-cleared and cleaned half of desk shelves, half of bedside shelves (all fiddly bits dusted also)
-sorted misc electronics box

Tomorrow needs less Tumblr in it, though, and also more protein for lunch to avoid late afternoon nap attack. Start with big box for office storage and old binders to clear space on desk to finish shelves, small box for rest of books & DVDs, stuffed animals from wall shelves. Then clear corner shelf for breakfast items and remove toy shelf.



(For context: we are in the process of buying a house, about a mile or so from where we are now, and I have taken this week off from work to sort/pack/free up space in our current place.)

Morning: in to work to finish testing, attend new mgmt meeting; got half of testing done by lunch.
Midday: commute home, long lunch/Tumblr break.
Afternoon: --collect all winter outerwear for washing and packing. Sorted all into too small/giveaway, keep for boys for next year, and keep for us. Toss old boots, didn't wear them at all this winter & didn't miss them.
--Collect, sort, and list for donation all clothing that's been collecting in corners and hiding in closets. Including last of maternity clothes (G is now 5 and N is 10, just for context); suits from my last job(s) which didn't fit well before I got pregnant the first time; gifts of clothes which never fit; and stuff I just don't like anymore.

(All of this is now in the car, to drop off tomorrow at the Goodwill which is apparently in Chelmsford.)


I am hoping that everyone who is interested knows about this already, but just in case:

each episode is ~30 minutes long and will be available for the next ~ 3 weeks I think. Enjoyable especially if you are familiar with the book!


PSA: Rosetta / Philae comet photos

Haven't seen much if any of this on LJ yet, wondering if people are being excited about it elsewhere. Here are photos of the comet that a probe landed on earlier this week. It was released from a craft which I think may still be in orbit around the comet? Said comet being somewhere in the vicinity of the orbital path of Jupiter at the moment. There's some photos of the two human-made objects as well.

I didn't know about it until after it had happened, when the GIFs of XKCD's live-cartooning of the release and landing hit Tumblr.


Quote of the Day

The insufficient practice was part of the test; one must come to the understanding in the end that one was always insufficiently practiced, and yet one must sometimes act anyway. Practice itself was an act.

Range of Ghosts
Elizabeth Bear


Funny comment from my son

G (who will be 5 in December, for reference) was listening to the music in the car on the way home tonight. Suddenly G says, "I don't hear any instruments."
me: "It's all voices."
G: "So is it called vocstramental?"
me: . . . "Usually people call it a capella."
G: "Right. I call it vocstramental."

(he then spent a happy couple of minutes messing around with the proper way to pronounce his new word.)


ISTJ (again)

J"s Personality Type Results


"ISTJ: low drama and low maintenance, best value at this price tier. best suited to actual human existence. least weird, which makes them kinda weird."

(I also looked up the "flip" side:
"ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg. power stats make them unbeatable and if you encounter one, maybe just curl up and forfeit, to save time. "


2048 with portraits

Because I know what you all need is a timewaster:

I think the portrait IDs are as follows, feel free to jump in or correct me!

2 = Portrait of a Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Lorenzo Costa, 1485-95

(can't ID 4 or 8 yet, hennin is Flemish?? padded headroll with chin veil ??French? German?)

16 (blond ringlets) = Portrait of a Woman, Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1490

32 (black U on forhead/veil on hennin) = PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG WOMAN ATTRIBUTED TO HANS MEMLING 1494 BRUGES

64 (blond horns with shoulder pin) = unknown artist Florentine School, 1475

128 (white veils, brown dress, green V trim, red band) = Rogier van der Weyden (Flemish painter, 1400-1464) Portrait of a Lady 1464

256 (red & gold brocade gown) = Rogier van der Weyden (Flemish painter, 1400-1464) Isabella of Portuagal 1445

That's as far as I can get.


Just got back from Coriolanus

That. Was. Amazing.

I knew just enough of the plot to pay a little more attention to the actual language (and look away right at the end) but not enough to be distracted waiting for plot points. The acting was fine for the whole company, but Tom Hiddleston was just amazing. The way that he can convey such meaning and feeling with body language is incredible. He very seldom falls into the Shakespeare Speechifying mode (which for me breaks the connection with the character) and the language just seems so natural. And funny? The bit where he is asking the people for their voices and sneering at them at the same time was just priceless.

Mirroring Menenius (Coriolanus' father-surrogate) and Volumnia (his mother) with the people's consuls (Brutus and Sicina) as the puppet-masters was very interesting, especially as both women had the forceful, shouty bits and both men were soft-spoken and sort of smoothing in the background. What happens when a leader is too willing to be led, or too heedless to be wary?

I have to go back and look at the armor Coriolanus wears at the beginning and how it compares to the end.

Someone on Tumblr said this was the first production they had seen where they understood the role Virgilia (his wife) plays--to point out (by contrast) that Coriolanus' relationship with his mother is not the healthiest in the world. I agree, and was also surprised at the forcefulness she did display at times.

Tom Hiddleston is just extraordinary. Other people seemed to fade into the background in contrast.

Logistics: got lost once going to Rockport (turned off the wrong rotary and ended up turning around at Plum Cove, which looks to be most of the way around the point. I probably could have gotten where I was going anyway, it just would have been the (very)long way around. Missed the turn to get back on 93 north from Red's house and somehow ended up at Alewife so came back via Rt 2 instead.

Shalin Liu Performance Center is beautiful and comfortable, and easy to get to all things considered. Probably not so easy in summer during the high season, most of what I saw was shut up so dinner was at the Dunkin Donuts at the train station. (Still better than last night, which was a cheese stick and some cheez-it crackers.)

Thanks, Aurelia, for going with me!!